Important info about the Hollywood Address is for sale!

You can purchase the domain name, the website or the domain + website (recommended).

We are selling the whole brand with everything that goes with it!

This website is unique! It is not a template, nor a copied design or content. It is responsive which means that it will look great on mobile devices too.

This website has advanced on-site SEO, not just the basic SEO like many other websites. We also built some quality backlinks and will build more. The first results should be visible at the first part of 2017. is much more than a real estate agent’s website. There are many benefits that distinguish this domain and there is much more you should know about this website.

It will stay hosted by us - you will not have to pay for hosting for the next 10 years.

Content modification is possible, of course. You can also add your IDX solution if you like. There are many possibilities for a new owner.

CMS is available at the additional charge of $800 (one-time payment, easy usage, much easier than Wordpress, instructions and support included in the price).

We also offer cooperation as an affiliate or can sell you quality leads. However, the sale of the whole website is the preferred option and we will be actively searching for a buyer.

Please read the following presentation in full to learn what exactly you are getting for the purchase of this website. This is a high quality offer created for a serious business, so make sure that you read the whole presentation. Thank you.

Domain price: $3,000 USD

Website price: $3,500 USD

Domain + website price (recommended): $5,500 USD

General info

We are selling It is made by Premiump>

This sale is a sale of the whole Hollywood Address brand with great current opportunities and huge potential. You can’t get a better website solution anywhere on the market, especially not at the agencies specialised in real estate agents’ websites as they sell templates and the same template is often used by hundreds (if not thousands) of real estate agents and brokers. You can’t be luxurious and exclusive if you run your business under a website that your potential client have just seen at your competition.

By purchasing this website you are getting the logo and the e-mail addresses,,, and You are also getting the e-mail address which was used for creation of accounts at Zillow, Curbed, MLS, Facebook, YouTube, Google Analytics, Webmasters' Tools etc.
You will also get the Facebook account, YouTube channel, Google Analytics account etc.. Moreover, you are getting’s miniwebsite together with its domain.

This website will stay hosted by us, so you don’t have to pay for hosting. You will be able to use this website for the next 10 years without any additional charge. It will be hosted by us for the whole 10 years free of charge. If you decide to continue using it after 10 years, we will charge a small fee of $50 for each additional year of use (or you can purchase CMS and all the files of this website anytime). This means that you will have no additional fees for using it in the first 10 (ten) years.

If you prefer to get all the files of this website, you can ask for them anytime and they will be charged at $800. This includes a turbo simple CMS solution, so you will be able to manage the content of the website by yourself. It is extremely easy to use this CMS and we will also provide instructions and support. In this case you will have to host the website at your own expense (we can help and provide support without additional charge) or we can provide our hosting at a small annual fee.

The content of can be changed. If you purchase all the files and CMS ($800 additional charge), you can do whatever you want with this website by yourself. Otherwise you will have to contact us to make a change.

All titles and the main menu can be replaced. For example, you can change the word "neighbourhoods" from the menu to let’s say "communities". All the text on the website can be replaced. Of course, you can change the logo too, but you can also use this one as it is included in the price.

Instead of the "Our Clients" part you can write "Celebrity Hollywood Residents", or put the photos of your team there and present your team. Or you can replace that content with any other content that fits the form.

You can replace all the pictures, including the ones in the background. Colors can also be changed. The entire content of this website can easily be changed.
We can also delete some existing subpages and parts of the subpages or main page free of charge. We can also add additional subpages (or parts of a subpage) for a small fee, depending on the amount of needed work.

Content replacement (including pictures, text, links etc.) right after purchase is free! You should only send us your content and let us know where you want to put it (which current content you want to replace) and we will do that free of charge. It is also free to change the current listing to your own listings (for the first time). When property gets sold, you can ask for replacement of listing and we will charge a small fee (like $10), but feel free to contact us about the details. Remember, you can purchase all the files of this website with the CMS anytime and you will be able to do all changes yourself free of any charge. It is very easy to use the CMS and we will provide instructions and support.

Listings at are not real at the moment and are used only as a presentation. Pictures were found on the Internet and are the property of their owners. Video was found on YouTube and is the property of its owner, not by

The domain name has been carefully selected and our intention was to have a domain which is memorable, classy, brandable, descriptive, exact search, and with strong grounds for SEO and Internet traffic. We managed to find all that in the domain.

While creating this website we had SEO in mind all the time. The website structure is SEO friendly with many internal links and connections. The subpage names (URLs) have also been created with SEO in mind, so it will be easy to rank each subpage for strong keywords and keyword phrases. We already placed some quality backlinks. The SEO is white hat. Pictures are also optimized for SEO and we gave them SEO friendly names before uploading them. We also created alt tags for each picture. In the html code we did a great job with the "H" tags, and created high quality meta tags, The SEO is advanced SEO, not just basic SEO like you were getting with Wordpress and other template based websites. We have strong on-site and off-site SEO and are still working on it.

This Info subpage will be deleted after the purchase of the website (if you purchase it with the purpose of reselling it, or if you want to place your own text here we can keep this subpage).

It is important to know that this website is not a template nor some premade theme which is in use by many other real estate agents. It is a UNIQUE design and website structure. It is not a Wordpress nor any other premade theme. Nobody else uses this website structure and design as we are the authors of it (we made it from scratch) and it is for sale only here.

The domain

The domain name is a carefully selected domain which goes perfectly with the luxurious Hollywood real estate business. It is creative, descriptive, memorable, luxurious, and quality in many aspects.

Before we made a final decision to take this domain we asked 20 people (10 men, 10 women, approximately 20-40 years old in Europe) what their first three impressions and connections were when hearing the domain name 14 out of 20 saw it as luxurious in their first answer, although we did not mention that it would be used for a website related to selling luxurious real estate in Hollywood. After that we asked for some other associations they had when thinking about and if we counted those who said real estate or property in their first or second answer, we’d come to 16 out of 20, or 19 out of 20 if we counted the first three answers!!! There were several other answers and the most common after "luxury" and "real estate or property" was "moving to Hollywood". We can proudly confirm that the domain makes people think about the luxurious Hollywood real estate. Domain mission accomplished! An interesting fact is that from the first 3 answers one person answered "a domain worth €6,500 Euros". We are offering it at only $3,000, or the whole website + domain for only $5,500.

The domain name is very important for any business. If you use a domain like, you can’t expect your potential clients to remember it and there is a big chance that they will end up at your competition as they might be searching for some similar name, but not the same, and Google will redirect them elsewhere or if they type it differently into a browser they will end at another website.

If you want to buy real estate in Hollywood, it is obvious that you are buying a Hollywood address, so this name has a close connection with Hollywood real estate. Many people fancy having a Hollywood address, so this name perfectly fullfils their desire and will unconsciously make them click on it.

It is also very easy to remember a good name such as It is simple, sweet, luxurious. And it is not too long.

There are only a few words related to real estate that fit perfectly with the "Hollywood" keyword. Some of them are villas, homes, property, and real estate. They are all already taken of course, and you would pay a premium to get them if they were for sale at all. Even has been taken since 2003, although that domain is not even a tenth as good as So we can conclude that all the words that go well with the "Hollywood" keyword to make sense in real estate are taken in .com - the only globally accepted premium extension. If you add additional words, you will get a too long domain and even then the odds are that all that make sense is already taken.

The domain contains the "Hollywood" keyword and it is of big help for ranking when someone searches for Hollywood related real estate. is taken of course, but even that domain is not ideal if you think globally. In many countries a home means a place where you live and it can’t be associated with a house which you want to buy for your frequent vacations for example (therefore some global property buyers might not be attracted by this name). On the other hand, can easily be associated with a vacation house too and will definitely attract attention of property buyers from around the world, including Chinese and European wealthy people. If you target British people, you should use the "property" keyword much more than "real estate" or "homes". Therefore is a universal domain suitable for presenting your business to the whole world.

This domain is an exact match! There are 720 people each month who type the "Hollywood address" keyword phrase in Google (source; Keyword Planner by Google AdWords). Many of them are interested in moving to Hollywood. Very soon (when our SEO efforts become recognized by Google and when created backlinks will be indexed and accepted) will be in the first position, or at least on the first page of Google for the "HollywoodAddress" search. This means that at least 720 people will see it each month and many of them will click on it. That is sure free regular traffic to this website. Moreover, this website will very soon start getting traffic based on many other searches as we did quality SEO for it.
It is a fact that 720 people type "Hollywood address" into Google every month. Let’s be extremely conservative and say that only 10% of them will end up on Let’s conservatively say that only 10% of those who visit this website are really interested in moving to Hollywood and buying Hollywood real estate. In that case this website will be getting at least 72 visits each month and 7 of those people will be really interested in purchasing real estate in Hollywood. Those are highly targeted and motivated potential clients, so it is OK to say that the conversion rate should be at least 1%. You need 100 to make a sale, or by this math it will take 14 months to make a sale. Since this website is based on luxurious Hollywood real estate, the expected sale price should be at least $3 million. Let’s  ignore the potential commission of 6% and conservatively pretend that it will be only 2%. This means that you will earn $60,000 USD every 14 months just from having the domain and website, without any additional marketing. Many people go to their 9-5 job every day for less than $50,000 a year.
This was a very conservative calculation and we are sure that there will be at least 30% of those 720 people who will click on because it should be expected that this domain will be high in search results because of our great work on SEO. In that case 30% is 216 people who will visit this website each month. If only 10% of them are really interested in buying Hollywood real estate and if your conversion rate is to be only 1%, you can expect a sale every 4.6 months (let’s say every 5 months). If that sale be worth $3 million (a pretty low price for a luxurious villa) and your commission only 2%, you will earn $60,000 every 5 months. What if that sale were to be worth $8 million (nothing unusual on the luxurious real estate market) and you were a listing and selling agent and your commission were let’s say 4%? In that case you would be making $320,000 every 5 months. Now we are talking! What if you could raise your conversion rate to 2% by choosing and listing only the extra good purchase opportunities? OK, you get the point.

Remember that we were talking only about the visits to based on the "Hollywood address" search. This website will be getting many visits based on different searches related to Hollywood real estate, thus it is fair to say that by owning you can expect at least one sale each month. This whole offer (domain+website) is presented to you at the price of only $5,500 and if you are serious about your business you should not ignore it as we just presented conservative numbers based on the facts that showed that can easily make you much more money each month.

Why are we selling this website when it is so good? Because we are not based in California nor licensed for the real estate business in California.

By the way, sold for $3,000 and this name has the exact search of 210, compared to the 720 exact searches of the "Hollywood address" keyword phrase.
The Website

This website has been designed to be used within the real estate business in Hollywood, and to center on luxurious properties. It is unique! has been made from scratch. While many brokerages use premade websites such as modified Wordpress themes or websites made for businesses in the real estate business we created a unique website. The premade themes might look good, but are not unique and your clients will notice that as they are most likely also searching for an offer on many other websites in this niche. You can’t call yourself a unique exclusive business /company / firm and use a website which is definitely not unique and can be seen in many other businesses in this niche. has a unique structure and design and around 60 subpages. By having so many subpages it can be categorized as a big professional website. Connections between subpages are very good and you can easily navigate to each major section from any subpage. There is also a map to make navigation and locations of sections easier. There is a sitemap.xml file so search engine crawlers will find this website search engine friendly.

The design is modern and responsive, which means that this website is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. It is based on the Bootstrap 3 and 4 framework which are the latest standard. The Parallax and KenBurns effects are integrated, which makes this website very attractive to a visitor, especially the KenBurns effect for viewing pictures from a listing.

Unlike premade templates this website is ready to be used for your business immediately. It just needs small changes such as changing the contacts. Of course, you want to post your own listings too. You would probably want to change the About Us and The Team sections (they now display only example info, not real info), and that is not a problem at all. You just need to send us the info you want to post and we will do it for you. We can even add more team members or remove some. We have posted several blog posts, but you can delete or modify them.

It is possible to create many more listings by adding subpages. The IDX solution is currently not integrated, but we make it possible to be easily integrated. However, we don’t recommend that as that content will not help and could actually hurt your SEO. Why? Because those listings are available on multiple websites (thousands of them) and Google considers them duplicated content. Because of that you can lose your rating on Google and other search engines. If you insist on IDX and MLS listings, it is much better to create a link from to other web locations which you will be using only for IDX. We prepared the mini website for that purpose and you are getting it together with, without an extra charge.

We integrated a blog into where you can write articles and create content which will help your SEO. We planned to use the blog subpage for a short showcase of articles and to link from there to a new subpage which will be easily created for every new article. This is the best solution for SEO and will help your ranking and website traffic a lot. is still under development and while we don’t sell it we will be improving it. We plan to build a lot of additional content and have many articles about Hollywood homes for sale so that we can capture the first positions on Google for many relevant keywords. We’re also planning to constantly build new quality backlinks. All this will be raising the price, so if you are thinking about purchasing, it is best to do it now. After purchase we can advise you for free about SEO and present you everything that we planned to do with and for this website.

We already created several quality backlinks from authority websites in this niche such as Zillow and will continue doing that. We plan to have many backlinks from authority websites in the real estate industry as that is the only way to have strong and unbeatable SEO. Meta tags are also created and we are still working on improving them, just as we are still editing the source code and marking the most important keywords with the "H" tags from "H1" to "H6". We are doing this now, although we did it when we created each subpage, because with adding new content on a subpage we decide which keywords are the most important on that subpage. We don’t want to have the same "H" tags on each subpage because that is not ideal for SEO. No way can you get such advanced SEO anywhere else at this price. Plugins are not human, therefore not capable of doing this by way of quality. We might be crazy about doing all this at such a low price, but will be our reference when Premium officially starts offering its services.

Again, you can modify the whole content of this website either yourself, or by asking us to do it for you, thus is adjustable to any real estate business that works in Hollywood no matter from which location.

How can help your business

In many ways! If you don’t want to switch to as your main business website, you can use it as your additional website. You can also ask us to keep it this way or modify it and place many links to your current websites so that visitors to end up on your current website anytime they check out listings, about us, contacts section, etc.

Our recommendation is that if you already have a successful business website, you use as your additional website. In that case we can add a notice such as "Hollywood Address is a brand of Your Company Name". That way you can have all the benefits from and continue to use your current website. You will have additional exposure and improve your online presence and reach of potential clients. It would definitely be a big gain for your business.

If you acquire, you will get many additional quality leads for your business. Think about additional sales and your commission which will be enabled by this acquisition. Zillow was doing great, but they still bought Trulia for $3,5 billion and now are doing even better.

You can purchase now and start working on it after a year or two if you like. By doing that you will secure this great website for your business and prevent your competition from taking it before you.

How to purchase and the transaction process

You can purchase through secure or by paying with PayPal or credit/debit card. After we receive your payment we will send the domain to your account so you will have full control of it. We will also make all the changes you ask us for on the website (content change). This website will be available to you for use for 10 years and for the 10 years it will be hosted by us, thus you will not have to pay for hosting. Technical maintenance and ensuring 100% uptime is our responsibility and is free of charge. After 10 years we will start charging $50/year if you decide to keep the website active. Please note that you are free to purchase all the files of this website and get a CMS anytime (one-time payment of $800). By doing that you will be able to make changes to this website anytime without any charge as it will belong to you and you will completely control it.

If you decide to purchase it through the secure platform, we will send the domain to your account immediately after confirms receipt of your payment. We will also put your contact details in the Contact Us section and everywhere else on the website where our contact details are at present. If you send us content, we will put it on the website immediately. Then we will ask you to pay via If you need time to send us your content, we will send you the domain immediately after confirms receipt of your payment and we will place your contact details all over the website. Then we will ask you to pay via and we will place your content (text, titles, pictures, listings, links etc.) on the website as soon as you pay us.

If you need further explanation or have questions, please contact us.


We are selling, but until we sell it we are open to cooperation with real estate businesses that operate in Hollywood (no matter where they are located). 

We can remove this info page and start collecting quality leads from potential buyers of luxurious real estate in Hollywood. We can place your listings on our listings page. We are interested in selling the quality leads which we will receive. This is sensitive and before we start cooperation of this kind we must change our privacy policy and terms of use to reflect that we might sell the contact info which we receive, including the IP address. Therefore please contact us for this kind of cooperation only if you are serious about it. We still haven’t set a price that we would charge per quality lead, but it would not be lower than $20.

The other option is that we include your listings and update our terms of use to reflect that we might redirect persons who contact us to our partners. In this case we would not sell nor share there info in any way, but would inform them that they might contact our partners and would give them our partners’ contact info. For this kind of cooperation we would ask 25% of the commission which our partner would receive from a deal with a buyer who contacted them after we redirected him to them. We would still arrange many details in this situation to avoid any scam. If you are interested, please contact us and we will try to find a solution together to benefit both sides.

However, we prefer to sell this website and will be actively looking for a buyer. The price is only $5,500. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you.


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