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Luxury Properties in Hollywood

Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA) Real Estate

Los Angeles has raised as a high valued state, and Hollywood is the most desired district. People want to own Hollywood real estate, and celebrities are a great part of it. Would you like to be a neighbor of your favorite actor or actress? The Hollywood area is striving and has become one of the most desired zones for them.

From all over the world, celebrities make every effort to own a piece of land in Hollywood. Surprisingly, some others are just renting, and the Hollywood real estate is a hot zone for rents too. This is why Hollywood is the perfect spot to find a dream home. Practically all properties come with luxurious finishing and a great amount of privacy. People don’t want to be seen inside their homes, and Celebrities are the most seek. Most homes are very private so that celebrities can live in peace. Some even say that if you want to live like a celebrity, you must own Hollywood real estate.

The Villas

You can find some fabulous and luxurious vacation rental in LA. It seems as if villas have found new ways to become amazing if they are in LA. Hollywood makes them shine in a different light, and writing “Hollywood” on your mailbox makes them particularly attractive.

Not just celebrities, but wealthy people want to live in a Hollywood real estate. Even investors are seeing it as an excellent choice because rentals are rising too.

The Amenities

The most notable facilities preferred by Celebrities can be found in LA. Hollywood real estate is full of luxurious homes with some of the most incredible things inside. They are a symbol of status, and nobody wants to go along without it.

One of the hottest trends is home theaters, but not the regular ones. You must have an IMAX home theater. Its curved screen combined with the incredible sound system is complemented with a subscription to see the latest movies at home. The digital transformed possibilities for home cinemas, and it is a trend these days.

Wine cellars used to be important. However, the trend now is to have a tasting bar instead. And there is a broad range of varieties on that department. For example, a 70 million mansion of Marcus Persson has five different tasting bars for alcohol and even candies.

Other standard amenities include the spa, gym, pools (indoors and outdoors), and of course automation systems. 

The Style

There’s a home for every style in Hollywood real estate. For example, there is a beautiful Mid-Century Mansion in the Hollywood area for sale. It has spacious areas and spacious gardens.

But if your style is more to the gloomy side, there was a perfect Cottage which is said to be enchanted. Unfortunately, it is not for sale anymore. Rufus Wainwright just got it out of the Hollywood real estate market. If you are fonder of French architecture, you can find a Chateau with modern style and amenities for sale in Bel Air. It has more bathrooms than bedrooms and even a pond for swans. 

Finally, for those who would like to live at walking distance from the top places in Hollywood, West Hollywood real estate opens its doors with more modest homes, but equally comfortable. For example, there is a duplex 5-bedroom house with classic Spanish architecture and incredible furniture. This kind of house is the dream home of those who like to be practical and have everything at hand.

Who Lives in Hollywood, LA

We came out with a list of which celebrities are living the Hollywood real estate dream. If you are choosing a neighborhood hoping to run on a star, you will find this list of the most use. Just take into account how big are home in these areas and that walking your dog outside your property might not be the preferred activity for most.

Beverly Hills has some of the most luxurious properties in Hollywood real estate. That’s why there are also various celebrities living there. For example, Taylor Swift, Winona Ryder, Mike Myers, Bruce Wills, Sharon Stone, Matthew Perry, Rod Steward, Courtney Love, and Alyssa Milano.

If you want to run on Miley Cyrus, you should live around Studio City. Pacific Palisades is another hot Hollywood real estate zone. Celebrities like Rihanna, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Goldie Hawn live in there. Hollywood Hills is the home of Justin Timberlake, Tony Maguire, Halle Berry, Keanu Reeves, Ben Affleck, Salma Hayek, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Kevin Costner.

As you can see, Hollywood real estate is the preferred choice for celebrities. Even New York and Miami are not as trendy as LA is right now. You can find your dream house and become neighbors of some of these famous people. Get all the amenities you need. In summary, start a life with style with Hollywood real estate.