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IDX and MLS Listings

By Hollywood Address, posted on December 18, 2016
Yes, it is Sunday, but we work hard on launching our new website every day, even at weekends. As we previously decided to have only exclusive listings, now we confirmed our decision. After a lot of consultations with SEO experts we concluded that IDX and MLS Listings can actually hurt the ranking of a website.

We are an elite brokerage and our mission is to be unique and become the undoubted world's number one firm for brokering Hollywood real estate. Almost all other firms use IDX for showing MLS listings on their websites. Each of those listings is shown on numerous websites and that is definitely not a unique content. Google will pick only one website as an original content creator and all other websites with that content (listing) will be marked by Google as holders of duplicate content. This will not help their SEO and ranking, it can also hurt their ranking as the website with duplicate content loses importance in the eyes of Google. We don’t want this to happen to us.

We are still building the architecture of this website and left the opportunity for easy IDX implementation for later if we decide to use it anyway. However, it is more likely that we will stay loyal to our exclusivity policy and list only exclusive unique listings. We are thinking about IDX and MLS listings at our additional website, but are certain in our decision that will only have exclusive unique listings and believe that it is the best for SEO and will be appreciated by our clients.

We care about SEO and our future search engine ranking and believe that it is important that our clients know that, especially the ones who sell their property. This blog with several posts so far is still on one subpage, but we are thinking about creating a subpage each time we post a new article related to real estate. A new article will be mentioned only on this main blog page and there will be a Read more link to a separate page where you will be able to read the whole article. That will help our SEO and ranking so it will be most likely adopted as a posting practice.

Listings on Hollywood Address

By Hollywood Address, posted on December 15, 2016
We decided to implement the policy of listing only a few properties publicly and the rest will be available on request based on the preferences of each client. We are different from our competition and based on our experience we learned that clients don’t like to see different properties listed at the same time, no matter what the advanced search options.

We are an elite real estate brokerage and offer a unique buying experience to our clients. Our human capacity is sufficient to fully dedicate to each client and help with making the best decision. We like to get in direct contact with our potential clients, show them what we can do for them, and serve them like they’ve never been served before. As we focus exclusively on the luxurious real estate of Hollywood we believe that the properties on our offer deserve much more than being listed on the website and we invite all visitors of our website to contact us and share their wishes and preferences. You can rest assured that Hollywood Address can find you the luxurious property of your dreams.

We also encourage sellers to place their property on the market through Hollywood Address. Even though we don’t list all properties on our website, we are working hard to sell each property we broker and have many proven methods of finding buyers.

Hollywood Address will not list all the properties on offer, but of course there will be real estate listings and featured listings. We also reserved one part of the website exclusively for video listings.

Progress update

By Hollywood Address, posted on December 13, 2016

We created our new logo, finished the index.html page and made several subpages. We think of SEO even when creating subpages thus we are naming them with the "SEO friendly" addresses (URLs).

We are creating a responsive website which means that it is mobile friendly and will be adjusted to the screen of any mobile or desktop device from which you visit us. Still a lot of work ahead, but we are progressing and are very excited about our new website. 

Hollywood Address cover

Here is the appearance of the top part of our index.html page (Home Page). We hope you like it.

The first Blog Post

By Hollywood Address, posted on December 11, 2016
This is the first blog post on As we rebranded our business to Hollywood Address, we are still working on our website. It already has about 10 subpages and is growing. We plan to create about 30 subpages, plus the listing subpages. We are working hard on the website structure, content, and SEO. This website was a blank page when we started to work on it, not a template! It has a unique design and structure. Many real estate brokerages use templates and they all have similar websites. We want to be different and unique. As we sell luxurious real estate, we can’t settle for having a less luxurious website, or one which is almost the same as the one of several other real estate brokerages. Our goal is to be highlighted among the competition in every aspect of our work, including the website.

Our visitors and existing and potential clients will be able to see the website structure and content when they visit, but we are proud that the code of our website is at the same quality level. Our on-site SEO is advanced, not basic. Our meta and "H" tags are very important to us and we pay special attention to those important SEO factors. We plan to build quality backlinks later, but we already did the necessary preparations for having backlinks from authority websites in the real estate niche such as All this work should pay off in the following months and we expect to be ranking very high for several strong searches related to luxurious real estate few months after we launch this website online. We expect it to be online in about a week from now. Still a lot of work to do, but we are working very hard and with huge passion.

Good ranking for several strong searches means higher online exposure and more sales. We are determined to conquer the market and become the undoubted number one on the market of luxurious real estate in Hollywood known and respected in the whole world.

Some blog posts will contain pictures, galleries, videos, and much more, so bookmark this page and visit it later to read new interesting information. Thank you and enjoy our new website.