About Us

Hollywood Address - Where Luxury Resides

Hollywood Address is a company specializing in luxury real estate of Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA). We started as a small real estate brokerage in Los Angeles and became one of the globally most successful brokerages dealing with Hollywood properties. Our team members are fully licensed, experienced, highly motivated true experts in their field.

We specialize in luxury rentals, buying, and selling of elite properties in Hollywood, but we also advise our clients and help with financing when needed.

In December 2016 our company was rebranded to Hollywood Address as our focus changed and we decided to put all our efforts in one area - Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

Over the years we have closed deals in the range of nine figures and are confident that the market is strong enough for us to be able to claim that we just started making the buyers and sellers delighted. 


  • 1998

    1. The beginning

    The CEO of todays Hollywood Address started a small Los Angeles real estate brokerage with his childhood friend.  

  • 2002

    2. The goal of $50 million in sales reached

    Their brokerage reached the goal of $50 million in sales that they had set in 1998 when they were starting their business. Their team has grown to 6 people working full-time and a new goal was set - to reach $100 million in sales and then sell the business.

  • 2004

    3. The sale of the business

    The goal of $100 million in sales was reached in 2 years and they sold the business. Both partners decided to start their own real estate businesses.

  • 2005

    4. New company centering on luxury

    The CEO of today’s Hollywood Address incorporated a new company with focus on dual brokerage and only the luxury real estate of Los Angeles, buying, selling, and rentals.

  • 2007

    5. Cooperation with rental companies

    He started official cooperation with leading European and international rental companies by offering luxury properties of Los Angeles.

  • 2011

    6. Stronger presentation to Chinese buyers

    When the economic crisis abated the company started presenting properties to Chinese luxury real estate buyers and experienced huge growth in sales.

  • 2012

    7. Made the first billion in transactions

    In 7 years the company had arranged deals in the total amount of $1 billion.

  • December 2016

    8. Rebranding to Hollywood Address

    We decided to target our expertise, knowledge, and experience in one carefully selected direction and focus only on luxury Hollywood properties. We also rebranded to an amazing new name - the Hollywood Address. It is a memorable name full of glamour and luxury that communicates the message to our clients and we are excited to continue our success under this new name and arrange many more billions of dollars in deals in the near future.

The vision

The luxury real estate market is specific and different from regular real estate market. Many brokerages which also deal with luxury real estate in Los Angeles rely on LA Times Berkshire Hathaway display pages, cooperation with KW, MLS listings and other similar marketing methods which might work sometimes but will not produce the best results. The Hollywood Address has a different approach and although we also frequently use the mentioned marketing methods, our focus is on more efficient marketing. International buyers should not be ignored and from our experience we can tell that in most cases they are not aware of MLS and especially of the Berkshire Hathaway display pages in LA Times.

We work with many international associates who are able to easily reach their local potential buyers of luxury properties in Hollywood, and there are many of them.

In conversation with our clients who are looking to buy or rent properties, we learned that most of them prefer a smaller selection of higher quality instead of many listings of all kinds in one place. We consider ourselves a serious brokerage and will never take on any property that is not reasonably priced and luxurious enough. The amount of our public listings is smaller than usualy on purpose. We believe in quality over quantity and offer our clients only the best and most luxurious properties.

By focusing only on the Hollywood area we concentrate our energy and expertise on one targeted area to become the best in our work on the global level. 

The mission

Our mission is to serve our clients better than anyone has done before us and become a globally recognized brokerage for buying, selling, and rentals of luxury real estate in Hollywood. We want to be the undoubted number one on the real estate market of Hollywood and that the name Hollywood Address become known in the whole world. We will do our best to become synonym for professionalism and luxury on the market of Hollywood real estate. Our clients are our top priority and that will remain our core value forever.

The team

Our team is a group of fully licensed professionals with rich experience in the market of luxury real estate across the greater Los Angeles area and we all focus on the Hollywood area.  We employ 20+ top professionals and experts full-time and have many associates under different contracts. Get to know us better and read more about the team. We are here for you - feel free to contact us anytime.