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Wheather if you are selling or buying a luxury villa we are here to help you with that mission. Our professional brokers will secure the best deal for you.

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Your temporary stay with class

If you need just a temporary stay in Hollywood and want a stay of class we have a lot of Luxury Rentals. Find your vacation villa that you will adore.

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Commercial Real Estate
Luxury commercial Real Estate

Any company with an office that has the Hollywood address will get additional credibility. We can help you buy your new luxury commercial Real Estate.

Hollywood Land
Hollywood land listings

It is not easy to find a land for sale in Hollywood, but we can do it for you. Our clients frequently appoint us to sell their land as we broker those deals too.


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Hollywood Address is a brokerage firm with a team of proven, licensed and highly dedicated Real Estate brokers who will go the extra mile to serve their clients in the best way.


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Our team members have many years of experience on the Luxury Real Estate market and are motivated and well trained to complete any task ahead them.


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We are partners to our clients and are here to advise you too. We help with permits, paperwork, financing etc. Hollywood Address provides full service to its clients.



Hollywood Address is the world’s leading brokerage firm on the market of Hollywood’s luxury Real Estate. Our brokerage expertise and market knowledge was qualified as world-class by many of our previous clients. We operate two-way brokerage as we assist and serve those who buy & sll.

It is a matter of prestige to own a Real Estate in Los Angeles, especially in one of the famous Hollywood neighbourhoods. We are focused on luxury Real Estate in the most desirable locations of Hollywood. Hollywood Address can offer rentals of luxury villas, commercial Real Estate, dream homes and a lot more. As a preeminent brokerage firm we dare say that we can make your dream come true. Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority.


Los Angeles is famous around the world and the Hollywood district is one of the most desirable locations to own Real Estate in. Celebrities from all over the world strive to own a part of Hollywood.

By its market knowledge, understanding of clients’ desires, and by strong connections, Hollywood Address can be your partner in search of your dream home, luxury commercial property, or luxurious vacation rental. Luxury villas are beautiful everywhere, but it seems like they are more beautiful in Hollywood. Villas elsewhere can’t have the Hollywood address.



Breathtaking villa presented in a 4K video as it deserves. This stunning home was extensively remodeled in 2015 using the finest luxury materials.

This property offers 9 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 screening rooms, a large garden, beautiful outdoor pool, and much more.



Luxury Villa Rentals

If you are looking for vacation villa rental or have some business to do in LA and would like to stay in a villa Hollywood Address will make it easy for you to find your perfect luxury stay.


Luxury Apartment Rentals

We are trusted by numerous luxury apartment owners who appointed us to rent their Hollywood apartments. Check our listings or contact us and we will present available property that fits your needs.

Commercial Rentals

Luxury Commercial Rentals

Having an office or brick-and-mortar store in Hollywood is a matter of prestige, just as is having a house here. It is good for your business thus you should not hesitate to contact us.

You may find a lot of Hollywood Real Estate for sale or rental at Zillow, but on you will find only the finest selection of luxury properties. As a preeminent brokerage firm we choose to broker only the best properties specially selected for a clientele with refined and classy taste. We are not afraid of demanding clients as our business model is to present only the best to our clients and to stay with them throughout the whole process of transaction.

Vacation villa rentals are very popular in Hollywood thus due to a limited amount of luxury villas in correlation with high demand it is not always easy to find your perfect vacation villa at a fair price. We are in the middle of the market and with our brokers and associates "out there" we are always aware of the best opportunities and happy to present them to our clients. Apartment rentals are always possible and we can present some of the most luxurious Hollywood apartments available for shorter or longer rental periods.

Commercial Real Estate rentals are as popular as residential ones. With so many film studios and other businesses in Hollywood and the whole of Los Angeles it might not be easy to find commercial property that fits your needs and is available for immediate rental. From experience we can say that the best properties will most likely not be listed on Zillow, Realtor and similar platforms, but you might find them at or they may be presented to you if you contact us as we don’t list all our offers publicly.

Hollywood Neighborhoods

Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills

Where the Hollywood Sign Is

Part of Santa Monica Mountains. The famous Hollywood sign is located here (Mount Lee). The zip codes 90046 & 90069 have the highest concentration of celeb homes in LA.

West Hollywood

West Hollywood


It is a city in the Los Angeles County. West Hollywood is the most walkable city in California. This is not surprising knowing that Sunset Blvd stretches partly through West Hollywood.

Laurel Canyon

Laurel Canyon

Many quiet communities

A lot of luxury properties and celebrity neighbours. Well connected with downown LA, but also full of quiet communities. Laurel Canyon is part of the Hollywood Hills region.



Central Hollywood

Central Hollywood is an alive neighbourhood with plenty of luxury homes and prestigious commercial real estate. Walkable zones will amaze even the core walkers.

Hollywood Luxury Homes

Luxury Villas for Sale

Luxury Villa Sales

The Hollywood area is full of luxury villas, although they are certainly not all for sale at any price. Some of those that are for sale might be overpriced, have complicated ownership structures, be too disclocated from the most desirable parcels, be asking for urgent renovation etc. Through our associates we get regular info about the luxury villas for sale which are great opportunities for buyers. Although we don’t list all villas in our offers they might be presented to you if you contact us. Check out our listings or contact us for more info.

Luxury Villa Rentals

Luxury Villa Rentals

We are often asked how quickly we can find and arrange luxury villa rental The answer is: very quickly! We maintain constant contact with villa owners or their agents and have keys to some villas. Although some villa owners don’t favour the "Open House" policy for their rentals we managed to get video presentations of those properties so you can still get a very realistic idea of them too. If your are on a business or personal trip to Los Angeles or want to book your vacation villa in Hollywood, we are the right choice for you.


There is high supply of Hollywood homes in different price ranges, but the supply of luxury Hollywood homes for sale and luxury Hollywood Real Estate rentals at a fair price that in top Hollywood locations is not widely available. We are here to offer you the best of the best Real Estate you can imagine in Hollywood. Luxury lifestyle and property in Hollywood is something you deserve!

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Hollywood Address logo


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